Wicked hahd miles. Wicked good time.

Ragnar Cape Cod was AH-MAZING! Beach views, charming neighborhoods, wicked fun.


I joined this Ragnar kind of last minute, in the sense I signed on about five weeks before. My friend Amy (@runningyogimom) snapped me a video asking I wanted to join the team. I had some airline miles expiring, so I thought, why not check a huge race off my bucket list!


Amy dropped by my house Thursday morning to head to BWI. Once at the gate, we found Jaime and headed up to Boston!Once we landed, we grabbed our rental car and headed into the city. The rental car made life so much easier on Sunday AM when we had to head back to the city at zero-dark-thirty. We made our other teamies for meal at a local pub (And a beer at Harpoon brewery) and we were on the road to P-town (aka Providencetown). We had an awesome AirBnB that served as our headquarters and was soooo nice post-race to crash/shower.

Race Day

After two road Ragnars in DC, this was my first time in van 2 and man, life was good on Friday morning. It was a pleasant surprise to sleep in until 6:30 a.m. on race day. Grabbed a cup of coffee and took in the most beautiful view from our townhouse rooftop. This day was PERFECT! Around 9 a.m. we rallied the troops in van 2 and headed out to our exchange.

The first major exchange between van 1 and 2 was at Duxbury Beach Park. It was about 2 hours from our house in Ptown, but it was AMAZING! Having only done DC, I was shocked at how beautiful this exchange was. Beach views on one side, cranberries bogs on the other. Seeing the vans in a parking lot on the beach was incredible. I was already pumped to get started. After some beach selfies and pics, our van was up and after a quick chat with van 1, we were off and running. Jaime took the lead and was heading over this beautiful bridge overlooking marshes and water.We parked near a church and I got ready for my run. Another Ragnar first, my first leg was actually the longest. I usually end up doing my hardest last, but this time I started off with about 8 miles. The day was warming up and before I knew it, Jaime was back from her miles and I was up.

I started off down some streets in Cape Cod. For the most part, it was a straight shot down a residential neighborhood. There was no shoulder, so you ran along the white line. I didn’t mind, the sun was shining and the neighborhood houses were adorable. My van stopped to check on me around mile 3, I was rolling along around 930-10, easy/moderate paced. I rolled along for a while, the last couple miles started to drag and I was ready to be done. Overall more elevation then I realized, about 450 gains over 8 miles. Not huge hills, but enough to keep you motivated and working.I handed off to Vickie and enjoyed a nice break. We kept moving through residential neighborhoods for a while. Amy was after Vickie, she was doubling up for her miles before Tim. We had a longer break, I grabbed my new Ragnar towel and relaxed in a church parking lot waiting for Amy to finish her 11 miles.Tim ran next through Miles Standish State Forest. For some reason, the 12-13 exchange was a “virtual” one. There was about 30 minutes between where runner 12 finished and where runner 1 picked back up. When Tim finished a Ragnar volunteer called in our bib and our friends in van 2 picked it up. I’m not sure why, maybe it was difficult to get that much road open for the race. Either way, we wouldn’t see Van 1 again until after their second legs.

Now that we had a little break, we looked for food. We actually didn’t have a ton of time. Our van finished around 620 pm. We had until about 1030 pm until van 1 was done with their legs. We stopped at a place called, British Beer Company. There were a ton of other Ragnarians there. We split a flight among our van mates (except for Ebling who had a pint to herself). Then we headed off to exchange 18/19.Amy brought hammocks, so we put them up and it was nice to be horizontal for a little bit. It started getting pretty chilly, it was in the mid 40s overnight. Van 1 rolled into the exchange a little after 10 and we were back to the races.

My night run was a little under 5 miles. It was the perfect evening, chilly, stars above, cute Cape Cod neighborhoods all around. I was rolling along, sans headphones because I didn’t want to go with for safety. There was a point around 2 miles, where I heard a runner a little behind me dragging their feet and hovering in my blind spot. I slowed for a second to let him pass, but he slowed even more to stay paced with me. So I started booking it; an overnight tuner on their night run was attacked and was definitely thinking of that.

Once I handed off to Vickie, I headed back to the van and the exhaustion really started to hit. It was around 1130-midnight, right after Amy left for her run, we headed to the next exchange and all took a nice long nap in the car. We were awakened to the one mile to go from Amy and got Tim rolling. When our run shift was over, it was a little after 330 am. Some of us hit the showers at the high school, others slept in the car. Once we regrouped, I drove the van to the next exchange. How I survived that middle of the night drive I’ll never know!

We got about 2 or so hours of sleep when we realized that the last runner in van 1 was out, so we grabbed breakfast. I always have nausea when I wake up, so I snacked on some small muffins, hydrated and started feeling more like myself. My last miles were only 2.3, so I was ready to rock that last leg.

Van 1 stopped by and we handed off again. Jaime took the reigns and headed through the Cape Cod niehgboods again. We rolled through and our next exchange was at another beach. It really brought you back into the moment and you were like, damn, am I really here doing this RN? Jaime was rolling in quick, and I took off. I was listening to Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard, running along these incredible beach views. I couldn’t believe it. My last quarter mile was a steep uphill, but once you made it to the top, you could see off until the water again at the next exchange. I was rolling in quick and handed off to Vickie. Before the next exchange, I took off for some photos.

Once Amy started running again for her last two legs, our van headed to the next exchange and to find food. There was not a ton of places in the next stretch of land, so it took a while of navigating to figure out. We found a Cumberland Farms and I loved having a nice indoor bathroom.

The next exchange to pick up Amy was INSANE. It was down a tiny dirt road with maybe 8 small spots for cars where giant vans were parking. The volunteers were awesome, but ballsy AF. I was driving and the lady with a thick boston accent was telling me to pull forward to the port a potties to find a spot. Woof. We made it! Amy finished and our last runner was out!

The finish line was in Ptown and parking was confusing. Probably a combination between being awake all night, running all night, and exhaustion made this more difficult then it needed to be. We ended up parking in overflow parking and taking the shuttle in. We made it maybe 2 minutes before our last runner rolled in and we joined him for the finish.

Post Race

After some photos, we avoided the HUGE beer line and divided up responsibilities. One of the things I LOVED about this team was everyone was laid back and IN it for the team. They actually went with the flow. No one was a diva and acted all crazy in the last minute. Half the team ordered a crazy amount of food, the other half grabbed alcohol and we all met at the house. We had a nice team get together with pizza, beer, and apps, and got to chat about our runs. Another awesome thing. Having time with van 1 peeps to hear how their race went. Not something you get a lot of at Ragnar Dc, so a nice change!

After a little while, the exhaustion hit me in a wave again. Most of us went down for a nap. I knew I’d be down for the count, and ended up waking up around 9 pm after sleeping for five hours. Some of the team went out and rallied, some stayed in. I LOVED that people got to do whatever helped them recover. I had some more drinks and snacks and headed to bed again.

The last day we woke up crazy early, 3 am for a 2 hour drive into Boston. I don’t know how Amy survived the drive, but she was a pure BEAST and made it the whole way. We dropped the rental, made the flight and I jumped right into a car for Mothers Day brunch.

Wrap Up

This was hands down, one of my FAV races ever. Best weather, best race, best teamies. Everyone did their thing and was just there for the miles and fun. Not knowing 90 percent of people on a team can be a DISASTER, but this was not one of those times. I’m so happy to meet these CRAZY peeps and would LOVE to do another Ragnar with them!!


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